David Tenenbaum science writer

Freelance and staff writer covering science, health and environment for general audiences; author and photographer of how-to books on business, finance, construction and home repair; writer, rewriter, editor, reviser of textbooks and scientific journal articles. 

The Why Files: The Science Behind the News

The Not-For-Nerds Guide to Human Brains, Animal Sex, Exploding Bugs and Galactic Death Rays.

With Terry Devitt

Penguin paperback, $14.95, 2009.

Visualizing Human Biology

Kathleen Anne Ireland | David J. Tenenbaum

John Wiley & Sons Visual Imprint, 2007

(College non-major text)


Biochar: Ancient Solution to Climate Woes?

All the Food that's Fit to Eat! [Food clock; fattening MSG; how fruit flies find food]

Solutions to the Hunger Problem


Life of the Locust

In Praise of Parasites!

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Copyright Tom Fayle


Carbon Tax vs. Global Warming?

Greenland's Giant Meltdown

Traditional Drought and
Uncommon Famine in the Sahel

Environmental Health

Coal Ash: Is Recycling Safe?

[Cover story, Environmental Health Perspectives]

Methane: Made from Garbage!

Ethanol: Threat to Food Supply?

"Green brick" is made from coal ash:

Earth & Planetary Science

Voyager: The Longest Journey
[Spaceships have left Solar System]

Acidic Ocean is a Noisy Ocean

Science for Kids
Cool Science for Curious Kids [Website]
Kid's science: cute green worm

Health and Medicine

Stem Cells: Where Are the Cures?

The Myriad Benefits of Exercise

Gene Therapy: Success at Last!

Humorous Science Writing

Melting Tropical Glaciers
[Mock Hemingway, real glaciology]

Dear Diary [Dog knows 200 words]

Why-Mart [Mock gifts for scientists]


Home Ground: [Farmer John Gets Down to the Real Dirt]

Judith Kimble Carves her Scientific Niche

Nuclear Sleuth

Science and Public Policy

Celebrating Charles Darwin
[Evolution today]

Questions for Candidates

India’s Red Rain: Aliens or Hype?

Social Science

Financial Meltdown: The Science of Money

Warm Hand = Warm Heart? [Prepare for a surprise!]

Automatic Mental Assumptions? [Can anybody beat them?]

Space Science

Reading Signatures of Ancient Life

Perfect Summer Vacation? Visit Mars!

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